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Seminar - Is it time for consensual approaches to minimum standards in housing?
27 May 2019
Prof Mark Stephens; The Urban Institute, Heriot-Watt University, EdinburghHousing policy generally aims to secure "a decent home for every family at a price within their means." But what constitutes a "decent home"? Minimum standards for buildings and statutory definitions of overcrowding generally reflect professional opinion, even though the notion of ...
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Housing economics for non-economists lecture: Laurence Troy & Laura Crommelin
4 April 2019
In May, Dr Laurence Troy and Dr Laura Crommelin will be presenting at the Shelter NSW Housing economics for non-economists lecture series, discussing recent City Futures research on housing affordability and economic productivity. The lecture is one of four in the series, covering topics related to housing, planning and taxation: ...
Seminar - Exploring The Ethics of Welfare Conditionality
16 October 2018
Dr Beth Watts, Senior Research Fellow, Heriot Watt University, EdinburghWelfare conditionality is now a firmly established mainstream policy tool in North America, Australia, and across Europe. Its deployment within the UK social security system has been linked to austerity politics, and the rise of foodbanks and destitution. The use of ...
Empire building? Analysing the drivers and implications of mega-mergers in the English housing association sector
6 December 2017
Fundamental changes to the economic climate, government regulations and investment funding have had a profound impact on the operating environment for English housing associations, forcing them to pursue new business models to ensure their long-term survival. Whilst mergers are not new for the sector, a new wave of mega-mergers has ...
Mark Stephens
Grenfell Tower: the fire, the fallout and the wider implications
28 June 2017
Presented by visiting UK academic Professor Mark Stephens, this CFRC seminar will summarise what we know about the origins of the disaster and will review the fierce debate that has erupted on its underlying implications for housing and social policy.Mark Stephens is Professor of Public Policy and Director of The ...