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Empire building? Analysing the drivers and implications of mega-mergers in the English housing association sector
6 December 2017
Fundamental changes to the economic climate, government regulations and investment funding have had a profound impact on the operating environment for English housing associations, forcing them to pursue new business models to ensure their long-term survival. Whilst mergers are not new for the sector, a new wave of mega-mergers has ...
Mark Stephens
Grenfell Tower: the fire, the fallout and the wider implications
28 June 2017
Presented by visiting UK academic Professor Mark Stephens, this CFRC seminar will summarise what we know about the origins of the disaster and will review the fierce debate that has erupted on its underlying implications for housing and social policy.Mark Stephens is Professor of Public Policy and Director of The ...
George Galster
Regenerating Detroit: By Whom? For Whom?
27 June 2017
For a half-century, Detroit has deservedly earned the reputation as one of the world’s most desperate, dysfunctional, declining cities. But something phenomenal has been happening over the last five years that foreshadows an unprecedented urban renaissance. Unlike the typical pattern in first - and second - world economies, Detroit’s regeneration ...
Ancestry map
Overturning perceptions: migration, renewal and the new Western City
30 May 2017
A rare, ‘must attend’ event for anyone involved in migrant services, community development or social planning took place on June 5. The seminar explored a range of misconceptions about the nature and impact of multi-cultural diversity.Drawing the insights from recent research on Western Sydney’s diverse communities, the seminar offered critical ...
Prof Duncan Mclennan
From National Urban Programs to Intelligent City Policy: Prospects for UK City Deals and Implications for Australia
22 March 2017
Sustained debates about Scottish independence and Brexit have masked the locally important attempts at 'devolution' within England and more recently Scotland and Wales. City deals have been at the core of that process and now prevail in 38 city-regions of the UK.The presentation briefly sets out the origins, spread and ...