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City Futures Research Centre's publications include refereed journal articles, books, research papers, issues papers, project reports as well as conference and seminar presentations. This list includes publications by City Futures' staff since its inception in 2004.  For full publication listings by each of our staff members, please visit staff profile pages .

Crommelin, L., Bunker, R., Troy, L., Randolph, B., Easthope, H. and Pinnegar, S., 2017. 'As compact city planning rolls on, a look back: lessons from Sydney and Perth.' Australian Planner.

Crommelin, L. M., Bunker, R., Troy, L., Randolph, B., Easthope, H., & Pinnegar, S. (2017).">As compact city planning rolls on, a look back: lessons from Sydney and Perth. Australian Planner

Badland H; Foster S; Bentley R; Higgs C; Roberts R; Pettit C; Giles-Corti B, 2017, 'Examining associations between area-level spatial measures of housing with selected health and wellbeing behaviours and outcomes in an urban context', Health & Place, vol. 43, pp. 17-24, 10.1016/j.healthplace.2016.11.003

Pawson, H., Hulse, K., & Morris, A. (2017). Interpreting the rise of long-term private renting in a liberal welfare regime context. Housing Studies, 1-23.

Troy L; Easthope H; Randolph B; Pinnegar S, 2017, '‘It depends what you mean by the term rights’: strata termination and housing rights', Housing Studies, vol. 32, pp. 1-16, 10.1080/02673037.2016.1171827

Bunker, Raymond, et al., 2017, 'Managing the transition to a more compact city in Australia.' International Planning Studies.

Pawson, H., Herath, S. (2017). Sinks of Social Exclusion or Springboards for Social Mobility? Analysing the Roles of Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods in Urban Australia

Easthope, H., Stone, W., & Cheshire, L. (2017).">The decline of ‘advantageous disadvantage’ in gateway suburbs in Australia: The challenge of private housing market settlement for newly arrived migrants. Urban Studies

Troy L, 2017, 'The politics of urban renewal in Sydney’s residential apartment market', Urban Studies, pp. 004209801769545-004209801769545, 10.1177/0042098017695459
Bishop ID; Eagleson S; Pettit CJ; Rajabifard A; Badland H; Day JE; Furler J; Kalantari M; Sturup S; White M, 2017, 'Using an Online Data Portal and Prototype Analysis Tools in an Investigation of Spatial Livability Planning', International Journal of E-Planning Research, vol. 6, pp. 1-21, 10.4018/IJEPR.2017040101

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