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City Futures Research Centre's publications include refereed journal articles, books, research papers, issues papers, project reports as well as conference and seminar presentations. This list includes publications by City Futures' staff since its inception in 2004.  For full publication listings by each of our staff members, please visit staff profile pages .

Judd BH, 2012, 'Community Participation, Neighbourhood Design and Ageing in Place: An Australian Perspective', presented at UD2012, Oslo, Norway, 11 - 13 June 2012,
Bridge CE; Kay M; Langley L, 2012, 'Ensuring Enabling and supportive Regional Town Centres: An in-depth look at three from an older person's perspective', presented at IFA 11th Global Conference on Ageing, Prague, Czech Republic, 28 May - 1 June 2012,
Neuman M, 2012, 'Good City Process', presented at Governing City Futures, Sydney, Australia, 1 August 2012
Neuman M, 2012, 'Good City Process Knowledge for Sustainability', in Schiuma G; Spender JC; Yigitcanlar T (eds.), IFKAD - KCWS 2012: 7TH INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON KNOWLEDGE ASSET DYNAMICS, 5TH KNOWLEDGE CITIES WORLD SUMMIT, IKAM-INST KNOWLEDGE ASSET MANAGEMENT, pp. 1497-1502, presented at 7th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD) / 5th Knowledge Cities World Summit (KCWS), Matera, ITALY, 13 - 15 June 2012,
Easthope H, 2012, 'Good Urban Governance? The role of retirees in the fourth tier of governance', presented at European Network of Housing Researchers Conference, Norway, 24 - 27 June 2012
Carnemolla PK; Bridge C, 2012, 'Home modifications: implications for care provision within existing housing stock for an ageing population', presented at 6th Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference, Adelaide, 8 - 10 February 2012
Bridge CE; Carnemolla PK, 2012, 'How home modifications substitute for care costs: Examining economic values of universal design', presented at Universal Design Conference, Oslo, 11 - 13 July 2012,
Neuman M, 2012, 'INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORKS AND GOOD CITY PROCESS', presented at CIES Symposium on Sustainability in Civil Infrastructure, UNSW Campus, Kensington Australia, 10 - 10 October 2012
Legacy C; Wiesel I, 2012, 'Knock down rebuild: Where is it on the planning agenda?', in 6th Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference, AHRC 2012
Neuman M, 2012, 'Life Cycle Analysis for Electric Vehicle Integration', presented at association of european schools of planning, Ankara, Turkey, 1 July 2012,

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