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Queensland Rental Vulnerability Index

This project aims to develop a rental vulnerability index and online mapping tool for Tenants Queensland.  The index and tool are intended to help plan the delivery of tenant advice services by the Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS).

The project defines ‘rental vulnerability’ as the vulnerability of persons to problems that may make their rental housing unaffordable, insecure or inappropriate, and which therefore indicates a need for tenant advice. The first stage of the project involved defining and mapping key 'housing' and 'people' indicators that provide an insight into the nature of the rental housing sector in Queensland and the people that live in rental housing.

Housing indicators give an overview of the scale and location of rental housing, various market pressures such as affordability and rental stress,  and tenures associated with disadvantage (social housing, residential services and manufactured homes).

People indicators show  personal or household characteristics, conditions or circumstances, such as disability, unemployment and low education that may contribute to rental vulnerability. Also included are other measures important for tenancy advice service planning, including tenant households that speak languages other than English at home.  All factors have been mapped at postcode level to match bond data made available through the open data portal by Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) Queensland.

Queensland Rental Vulnerability Report

Click here to download a report outlining the rationale for selected indicators and the method for developing the rental vulnerability index.

Rental Vulnerability Index Online Tool

Follow the link to the Rental Vulnerability Index Online Tool, which is located on CityViz.